A fundamental component of the ULVAShield system; ULVAForm is a range of more than 2500 factory pre-formed fittings covering bends, elbows, tees, branches, end caps, heat traced end caps, reducers, penetration collars and pipe clamp and lifting eye covers etc.

ULVAForm fittings are manufactured from the same compound as ULVAShield sheet.

ULVAForm substantially reduces application time in comparison to both metallic cladding and rigid non-metallic cladding systems.

The simplicity of two half shells and the reduced metreage of sealant required compared to fabricated fittings assists the applicator to achieve a quality water-tight application, right first time.

The flexible nature of the material, with no sharp edges, eliminates the risk of damage to heat tracing cables often seen with metal cladding.

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