ULVAShield system

ULVAShield is a flexible polymeric cladding/jacketing system which has been in use since 1997. The system is manufactured from chlorosulphonated polyethylene (CSPE) which is a high performance polymer with superb attributes in terms of resistance to UV, weathering, salt spray, chemicals and ozone. This substantially differentiates ULVAShield’s performance in comparison to other flexible jacketing systems manufactured from lower performing polymers.

The system is light weight and safe to work with, reducing the incidence of cuts to hands. It is also fast to apply with a range of over 2500 pre-formed bends, elbows, tee-pieces, end-caps, reducers, penetration collars and pipe clamp covers etc., and requires no work-shop pre-fabrication.

ULVAShield is particularly suited to LNG applications where, unlike metal and rigid cladding, its applicaion will not casue damage to primary vapour barriers. ULVAShield also provides the benefit of being an additional vapour barrier.

The longevity of the system has been proven both by the passage of time in field applications and third party independent testing. The system offers a life in excess of 25 years in the harshest environments.

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