ULVASeal has been developed to adhere well to ULVAShield CSPE and ULVAGRP.

ULVASeal is constantly rated for applications up to 250°C.

Third party independent testing has demonstrated that ULVASeal has vastly superior UV and weathering resistance compared to most commercially available marine sealants and is therefore an essential component contributing to the longevity of the ULVA's systems.

ULVASeal is supplied in 400ml soft cartridges for use in applicator guns.

ULVA supplies unique nozzles which deliver the correct width, depth and profile of sealant bead. The nozzle incorporates a "fin" on the base which follows the ULVAShield overlap ensuring that the bead is central over the joint lap. With this nozzle a gun-finish can be achieved for a large proportion of ULVASeal application. Pre-shaped cards are also supplied to assist the applicator to quickly achieve a good aesthetic finish to sealant beads that cannot be laid directly from the gun.

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