ULVAPaste is a specially formulated thixotropic bonding paste based on a blend of fire retarded vinyl ester resins and is chemically cured by adding a hardener to the main resin system and stirring thoroughly. The Benzyl Peroxide hardener should be added between 1 – 4% by weight to give a range of cure times across various temperatures. ULVAPaste is used to bond cured ULVAGRP/ULVAClad to itself or metal substrates. ULVAPaste, due to its thixotropic nature has good gap filling properties but can equally be brushed out to provide a thinner coating layer. ULVAPaste should be applied to a clean and dry surface. Any contamination should be removed with detergent and a skotchbrite pad if necessary. Wipe the area to receive the ULVAPaste with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and a lint free cloth prior to application. If uncertain, application of ULVAPaste to previously coated surfaces should first be tested to ensure satisfactory adhesion. ULVAPaste is supplied in 2.5KG tins with the hardener sachet in the lid.

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