NORSOK M-004:2018

Property Test method Min requirements Ulva test result
& report number
Maximum material temperature  

≥ 90°C

Layer thickness   

≥ 1.5mm

Bending strength ISO 178

≥ 130 Mpa

Tensile strength ISO 527 ≥ 50 Mpa Pass
Elongation at break ISO 527 ≥ 1% Pass
Reaction to fire  

Shall meet the requirements for surface flammability and smoke and toxicity according to IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 2 and Part 5.

Part 5 of this test should be conducted over a relevent insulation substrate in order to demonstrate system performance.


Part 5 : 300827

Part 2 : 302798

Aging test ISO 12944-9 (cyclic test) It shall be documented that the material (including system for jointing) will maintain min. 90% of its tensile strength/elongation properties after the accelerated aging. The GRP can be tested with or without a UV durable topcoat. Pass with coating J1806
Additional   Depending on design life and risk for direct sunlight exposure, GRP may be required protected by a UV durable topcoat, with quality in line with topcoat system 1 (NORSOK M-501). The coating can be pre-applied to the prefabricated shells or site applied. Pass with coating J1806
Antistatic EN 13463-1 / ISO 80079-36 GRP shall be antistatic and fulfil the requirements in EN 13463-1/ISO 80079-36 Annex D (except high voltage spray electrode test). Pass



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