Applying more than 20 years' experience with non-metallic cladding systems to prevent CUI, ULVA has invested four years in the development of a complementary rigid non-metallic cladding system which was brought to market in 2017.

ULVAGRP is a UV curable GRP system designed to meet and exceed all current specifications for the oil, gas and petrochemical sector. The UV curable sheet is available in rolls 1m wide by 10m long and in all thicknesses to meet specific customer demands, most commonly 1.5mm and 2.0mm nominal thickness.

Although available in wet sheet form the majority of the systems will be supplied pre-cured in the ULVAClad range with wet sheet applied only to form specific sealing detail around penetrations.

The system is fully tested, certified and type approved.

The fire performance of ULVAGRP is substantially better than any other GRP product available and is tested on insulation and not just as a stand alone sheet. This is a much harsher test as heat is not able to radiate from the rear face of the test sample. The ULVAGRP Lloyds type approval relates to product tested on 50mm of Rockwool, which is representative of real world installations rather than the laboratory testing of the cladding material alone.

It must be noted that all UV curing GRP systems have low resistance to UV degredation. If systems are to be applied in high UV regions then suitable coatings should be applied.


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