The principle use of ULVAGel is to apply a resin rich primer layer to cured ULVAGRP/ULVAClad at the overlap prior to applying ULVAGRP as a wet sheet or to act as a primer coat to other substrates prior to applying wet ULVAGRP or ULVASeal or ULVAPaste. ULVAGel is supplied in 500ml cone top tins with integrated brush in the cap. If uncertain, previously coated substrates should be tested for satisfactory adhesion. All surfaces should be clean and dry. Any surface contamination should be removed with detergents and the use of a Scotch-Brite pad if necessary. All surfaces should then be wiped with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) with a lint free cloth prior to applying ULVAGel. The ULVAGel should then be cured with a UV lamp leaving a fresh resin rich primed surface. Subsequent bonding should then be performed as soon as possible so as not to contaminate the ULVAGel coating. ULVAGel can also be used as a “Touch-Up” coating for minor blemishes as a gel-coat and brushed over joint overlaps.


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