ULVASound acoustic systems extended

Posted on: 6th Nov 2015

ULVA continues to develop its range of systems for acoustic applications and recently certified two new systems for ISO 15665:2003 class 'C', both with a thickness of only 37mm.

The first, utilising Pyrogel XTE, is an evolution of the ULVASound system utilising Pyrogel XT which has been adopted on a number of key installations including ENI's Goliat FPSO.

The second, utilising Cryogel, is intended for the LNG sector. The ULVASound system has a key advantage when combining thermal and acoustic classes because, unlike current systems utilising flexible elastomeric foam insulation, the acoustic properties of ULVASound are not affected at low and cryogenic temperature ranges. This means that overall system thicknesses are substantially reduced and simplified delivering improvements in construction programme time, reduced cost and reduced weight for offshore applications.

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