Formal launch of the ULVAClad System

Posted on: 1st Jun 2017

ULVAClad is a factory pre-cured GRP system comprising the complete range of moulded fittings for bends, elbows, tees, end caps, reducers and collars etc. and pre-cured pipe sections.

Following an extensive period of development including collaborations with a number of international composites institutions, ULVA partnered with a British engineering specialist to design, develop and manufacture a unique process line dedicated to the specific manufacture of wet UV curing GRP sheet. The process line was sucessfully commissioned in late 2016.

The process line is capable of producing wet UV curing GRP which is substantially better than any other commercially available product, particularly in terms of fire performance and physical properties.

The wet UV curing sheet provides the feed stock for the moulding, curing and trimming operations to produce the ULVAClad range.

In parallel with the development of the process line, ULVA has developed and manufactured moulding and curing stations and has manufactured the complete range of moulding tools.

The ULVAClad range meets or exceeds all international standards and project specifications for UV curing GRP systems and is now market ready.

Application of the system is made simple as a result of its excellent compatability with the existing ULVASeal product which effectively bonds and seals components together in a single application.

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