Regardless of the type of system being installed, its performance will only ever be as good as its application. Poor application may result in a system that does not have the envisaged waterproofing integrity. ULVA has a well delveloped, tried and tested Quality Assurance process whilch delivers application quality, right first time, to best practice standards:

  • Application shall be in accordance with best practice as defined by ULVA's Installation Procedures
  • There shall be no substition of any part of the system
  • Application shall only be made by individuals that hold a valid photo I.D. card that has been issued by ULVA, following completion of training by ULVA, and that have demonstrated competence in application to best practice standards
  • Application training will follow ULVA's training syllabus and shall include both classroom and practical workshop modules on a training pipe spool
  • Trained applicators shall be assessed "over the shoulder" during live application on the project in order to ensure that the learning outcomes from the training are being applied


For new construction projects the following groups shall undergo tailored training programmes:

  • Applicators
  • Application supervision and inspectors
  • EPC contractor supervision and inspectors
  • Client project team and inspectors


ULVA will attend the project from time to time to assess the application quality, identify visible snags and support all parties to ensure that what is envisaged in the specification is delivered on the project. Such visits will be as a representative of the Client and the frequency and duration will be agreed with the client.

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